In Kansas City alone 25 babies a day are killed by abortion. In just 8 years, that adds up to enough life lost to empty Arrowhead Stadium, taking every life – in every seat. That’s what abortion has done to our city in less than a decade. It’s what’s stealing unborn children from us each and every day. Rachel House exists to end abortion in Kansas City. We’re here to fight for the physical lives of unborn babies and the eternal lives of their moms. Get involved in ending the abortion epidemic with Rachel House and bring life, hope and Christ to Kansas City.


Donate To LIFE

Do it with cash, investments, or by giving Rachel House your stuff. Donations of any size or type makes a significant impact; bringing LIFE and Christ to Kansas City. Give a gift and make a difference two lives at a time.


Get Involved

Roll up your sleeves and be a part of the fight for life. Make an impact for Christ in our community. Take a stand against abortion and help women in need. With a job this big, there’s a lot to do. Jump on in.


The Abortion Crisis

One in three women in the U.S. experience abortion firsthand. In Kansas City alone, 9,500 babies a year are lost to abortion. Abortion is everywhere. Let’s change that.


In April 2016, The Women’s Clinic of Kansas City and Rachel House united to serve Kansas City with 5 locations.

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