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Reach The Lost And Save Unborn Babies

Make a powerful impact for Christ in local missions by partnering with Rachel House. We share Christ’s common call to spread His word and defend the helpless. Every year nearly 9,500 babies are killed by abortion in Kansas City. Change the abortion statistic in our community with your church partnership. Unite with Rachel House to reach women with a life-affirming message and save their babies for His divine destiny. Stand for truth with Rachel House. Save the unborn and shine the light of Christ on their mothers in our community.



Missions And Outreach Funding

Church support, either from a mission’s fund or outreach budget, provides reliable, sustainable funding for Kingdom work and outreach. Partner with Rachel House to save physical and eternal lives. Saving a baby from abortion costs $1,200 on average. Consider Rachel House a local missions opportunity and donate to life in our community.


Host A Baby Bottle Drive!

Host a Baby Bottle Drive at your church to raise awareness and funds for Rachel House! This fun event is effective and it’s easy to plan and execute.

How It Works:

1. Rachel House provides baby bottles your church members fill with change, cash and checks while praying over the ministry.

2. Members return the filled bottles to church, then the church boomerangs the bottles back to Rachel House.

3. The Rachel House staff counts the contributions and your church the results of your success!

Contact Lauri Phillips for details: 816-921-5050 x 802 or


Church Announcements

Share our news with your church community and help end abortion in Kansas City. Add the communications specialist at your church to our list of partners. Print announcements, needs and other important information from Rachel House in your church bulletin. Whether it’s sharing a need for diapers or the date of an upcoming event, spreading the word is an important way to show your church’s support for Rachel House.


Church partnerships for financial support are critical for the outreach and operations of Rachel House.

If you’d like to know more about how your gifts of any size can save lives in Kansas City, contact Kathy Edwards.

Words for Life

“Cornerstone Church is a proud supporter of Rachel House due to their pro-life stance and the level of excellence they exhibit as they carry out their vision and provide life-affirming services to the Kansas City area.”
Luke Nettleton, Cornerstone Church in Blue Springs