Saving unborn babies and helping women make a decision for life can start with you. There are a variety of ways to give a generous gift. Donations of any size or type makes a significant impact at Rachel House, bringing LIFE to Kansas City and making a difference two lives at a time.

Give Your Investments. Donate Your Stuff.

What do you have to give? From stocks and bonds to electronics, vehicles and other assets – all gifts are welcome.

Does Your Employer Have A Matching Gifts Program?

Double or even triple the impact of your personal contribution to Rachel House by learning if your employer matches charitable gifts to non-profit organizations. Direct those funds to Rachel House to help save two lives at a time in Kansas City.

Stories for Life

Ashleigh, a young woman in her late teens, was heavily considering abortion when she found Rachel House. Ashleigh said abortion seemed like the only option because she didn’t have money to care for a child and believed she’d receive little help from the baby’s father. But when Ashleigh came to Rachel House, she discovered there were other solutions, including adoption. Although she had few resources to provide for a child, she found she could still give her baby the greatest gift of all: Life. Through open adoption, she and the baby’s father chose a wonderful family for their child, giving their baby life, parents and a loving home.