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1,000 New Friends + $25 a month = 600 lives saved!

A Word from Kathy Edwards

Kathy EdwardsI imagine a day when there is no abortion provider in Kansas City – a day when not one infant dies on our watch! I believe it’s possible. All it will take is for each one of us to do something, something intentional.

According to a CNN poll, there are over one million people in Kansas City who would change the pro-life culture if they knew how. Everywhere I go, I hear from FANS who say they love that we help moms and dads choose life for their babies, that we promote both parenting and adoption options, that the love of the Lord is shared liberally and that lives are saved and changed every day through our work. We love that too, but I imagine that we can do so much more!

1,000 new friends giving $25 per month will add $300,000 to our operating budget. That will more than pay for one of our FOUR CENTERS to operate for a full year, OR or it could pay to open a NEW CENTER in an underserved Kansas City community.

You don’t have to give BIG to make a BIG difference.

Join other Rachel House friends by donating $25 a month (or a one-time gift of $300).