A Story of Adoption

AdoptionEvery day, the decision to carry a baby to term is made because YOU have made the decision to invest regularly into the work of Rachel House. One of the options we present to women who come through our doors is adoption, which takes a tremendous amount of courage, strength, and sacrifice for the mother to make.

Rachel House works with Nightlight Christian Adoptions (formerly Love Basket) to help facilitate success for the women who choose adoption for their baby.

Nightlight recently shared a Rachel House client adoption story with us. As you read, know that you are a part of the greater story of saving and changing lives:

Susan* called Rachel House last November to ask about abortion pricing. She had already had a pregnancy test and ultrasound, but we encouraged her to come to Rachel House to get information about all of her options. Susan came, and unpacked her story:

She was homeless- living from place to place and staying at a friend’s home but would be unable to stay there much longer. She had 2 children- their father incarcerated for 10 years. She was unemployed, grieving the loss of her mother, and had never grieved her 6 miscarriages. She had no support or help for this pregnancy from her family or from the baby’s father, who was emotionally and verbally abusive.

Susan wanted to have an abortion, and the father of her baby was willing to pay for it. She was at her wit’s end. She became interested in hearing more about adoption. We shared with her about the Lord and the creation of life. We urged her to take her time making a decision and that her first step was finding a place to stay.

That visit was the only one that Rachel House had with her. We recently received news from Nightlight that she had followed through on her decision of adoption, and this is what they said:

“Susan was due on June 15th. She delivered a beautiful baby girl on May 25th, and selected to place baby with the Partin family from Kentucky. The Partins are Dominican Republic missionaries who have adopted through our agency before! They are thrilled to become parents again and are grateful to you all for our referral.”

Thank you today and every day for making stories like this possible. Together we are making a difference two lives at a time.


*Name changed to protect privacy.