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Get Involved. Take Action. Save Lives.

There’s a place for you to get involved at Rachel House no matter who you are or what you do. Taking action takes many forms. Help Rachel House tackle the abortion epidemic in Kansas City. Together we can defend the helpless and bring the love of Christ to women in need in our community. More than 9,500 abortions happen in Kansas City every year. Partner with Rachel House to change that statistic.


Host A Bottle Drive

Host a Baby Bottle Drive to raise awareness and funds for Rachel House! This fun event is effective and it’s easy to plan and execute.

How It Works

  1. Rachel House provides baby bottles that your group fills with spare change, cash and checks while praying over the ministry.
  2. Collect the filled bottles at a central location then boomerang the bottles back to Rachel House.
  3. The Rachel House staff counts the contributions and sends your group the results of your success!


Complete A Project

Complete a project to provide incentives for Rachel House clients who attend our educational classes. There’s a project suited for every level of creativity.


Buy For Babies Or Host A Shower!

Support women who choose to carry and parent their babies with items that every new parent needs. You can shop for your favorite baby items or expand the fun by hosting a baby shower with your friends, co-workers or church group.

Know someone who’s having a baby shower? Make it a 2-for-1 shower by asking guests to support your friend and bring an extra gift for a Rachel House mom.


Perform A Service

Raise funds for the unborn by performing a service. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hold a car wash
  • Host a bake sale
  • Put on a garage sale
  • And more!

Contact us to schedule a service project for Rachel House today.

Words for Life

“Our church held a presentation to kick off our church family’s Baby Bottle Drive fundraiser for Rachel House. My daughter was so moved by the presentation that she took a bottle and went door to door after church to fill the bottle with donations.”

– Sara