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The 80% Rule To Changing Lives

Saving unborn babies starts with getting women to pregnancy centers, like Rachel House, first. According to national statistics, if a woman considering abortion goes to an abortion clinic first, 80% of the time she chooses abortion. But if she receives an ultrasound at a life-affirming pregnancy center first, 80% of the time she chooses life. The question is, where will she go first? The answer is often the difference between life and death.




Often, when a young woman learns she’s pregnant, it instantly creates a crisis situation. She immediately searches for answers and decides what to do next. As she surfs the web for information about her options, Rachel House intervenes with our website to raise questions about abortion and encourage her to visit our offices instead of scheduling an appointment at the nearest abortion clinic. Support these live-saving marketing efforts.



The clock starts ticking the moment a young woman realizes she’s pregnant. Seven short days separate that moment from the moment she’s made a decision to choose life for her unborn baby or have an abortion. Rachel House provides resources and services to empower her with truth and knowledge about her situation before she makes a decision. We encourage her to make a choice for life during this critical window of time.



When a young woman chooses life for her unborn baby, the journey is scary if she doesn’t have support for her decision. Though she might want to carry her baby, a lack of support allows fear and doubt to creep in, sending her back down the path to abortion. Rachel House offers the support she needs to follow through with her decision for life through our Illuminate program, an 18-week educational class.

Stories for Life

When international college students, Chen and Le, discovered they were expecting a baby, the couple didn’t feel there was room in their busy lives as students to parent a child. They considered abortion, as their home-country advocated abortion as a solution to unplanned pregnancies, but online research pointed them to Rachel House instead. During their visit, Chen and Le saw their unborn baby for the first time through an ultrasound. Hearing the baby’s heart beat convinced the couple that carrying the child was their only option. After making a choice for life, the couple received support through Rachel House services, resources and referrals, encouraging them throughout the pregnancy that choosing life was the right decision. Today, Chen and Le are still working to complete their studies, but they’ve also chosen to take on a new role: Parents to their beautiful newborn baby.