The Problem    The Solution


Abortion is a big problem. In Kansas City alone more than 9,500 babies are lost to abortion every single year. Rachel House exists to change that. Don’t wonder why. Wonder how. How you can change the abortion statistic with Rachel House.


One in three women in the U.S. experience abortion firsthand. Right here in Kansas City, 25 babies every day are lost to abortion. It’s everywhere. Rachel House exists to fight for the physical lives of unborn babies and the eternal lives of their moms. With five locations, working to stop 9,500 abortions every year, Rachel House strives to put abortion clinics out of business in our community. End the abortion epidemic with Rachel House. Bring life, hope and Christ to Kansas City.



Share The Truth

In Kansas City, babies are being lost before they breathe their first breath. Men and women are hurting, struggling to find a solution to a pregnancy they didn’t want, not knowing there is a God who offers love and hope. When men and women come to Rachel House, we share the truth about Christ and the unborn, offering to pray with every client and sharing the Gospel with those who are open to listening. Explore the solution.

Close Clinics

Seven abortion providers and referral offices call Kansas City home. These clinics paint a pretty picture of abortion, depicting it as a simple solution – never mentioning its life-long devastation. They’re successful, ending the lives of nearly 9,500 babies every year. Rachel House aims to reach women first, impact them for Christ and empower them to choose life. Help Rachel House put abortion clinics out of business in Kansas City.

Help Women

Unplanned pregnancies create crisis situations for young women. For many, pregnancy is a secret, a problem that needs to be solved before anyone finds out. Rachel House offers a refuge for women to discover the truth about abortion and talk to someone about their situation. They’re empowered to choose life for their baby while learning about the hope and love found in Christ. Discover how Rachel House helps women choose life.

Protect The Unborn

Nearly 55 million abortions have taken place in the U.S. in the last 40 years. Imagine what those babies could have brought to our country and our world. Defend the helpless with Rachel House. Fight for the unborn babies in our community by fostering a refuge of support and hope. Stop wondering what’s been lost in our community to abortion. Bring LIFE to Kansas City with Rachel House.

Stories for Life

When Terese became pregnant, her mother said she wasn’t mature enough to parent a child. She told Terese to have an abortion – and even scheduled an abortion appointment. That’s when a relative intervened and brought Terese to Rachel House. A client advocate shared the truth about Christ and the unborn with Terese. Then she saw her unborn baby – and heard her baby’s heartbeat – through an ultrasound. Terese decided she wanted to become a mother. She chose life. And she never made it to her abortion appointment. Today Terese is mom to a precious baby girl. She’s still receiving support and encouragement from her relative and her friends at Rachel House.